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It'll be ok.

I promise to vent it out first before getting ready to leave. Sorry. If ever you come across this post, this would sound ranting, or depressed, or simply rant. Apologies for the post in advance. This is a mixture of sadness, relief, stress, confusion, happiness and everything else in between all rolled into one. My life has always been an open secret to everyone, well, for the past 20 years that is. But ever since I started working, I felt my life completely changing into something I wasn't and I never imagined I would be. I had been secluded to other people, scared to take risks, being within my comfort zones, and just simply living day by day as it is. My life could get more boring than ever. But sometimes, I still have that spontaneity within me. I get to hang out with friends once in a while, I tend to text few friends for out of nowhere drinking sessions, 5 minute breaks, lunch-outs and the like. I feel that I was getting my life back, or I thought so. Everyone knows that my l

Ok. I am feeling weird.

I am starting to check this person's profile, not because I am interested, but because I'd like to know something. :| It's freaky! And yes, I am happy that Super Junior won. And I am freakingly proud of Kyuhyun! Yes, everdearest Kyuhyun. You are now officially on my bias list. I was having doubts, but now. It's certainly official. I love you too :) Kuddos to my first love, SS501 for having their concert in BKK. You made my day today, by letting me see that Hyun Joong, Leader Love, is I think starting to grow his hair again (keeping my fingers crossed). That Kyu keeps getting better, and more handsome everyday. Young Saeng, who sported a weird hair, during the presscon, managed to pull through his growing hair (too) and looked good with it. Jung Min, who has the best hair next to Hyun Joong, and has always that friendly aura with everyone, and anywhere. And Maknae Hyung Joon, which until now, I am still trying to figure out that something keeps me drawing to you.