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Effect of having a half day to rest.

Do I really want this? Is this the life I want to have? I am not sure why this going on right now. But all I know is that I am so used to it I don't know how to deal with it when it's gone. A habit that I can't break. But. Not all habits are good. I'm really not sure what is happening. All happened too fast. I couldn't even imagine life without the habit now. I never expected things to be like this between us. All I knew back then that it was something. The friendship we had meant something. It was worth keeping. Until day by day, I was feeling something different. The only difference with that person and now was, both of us right now are so open to each other, I think that we talk about everything. Little things could make us laugh. Those moments are so precious I didn't want it to last. But there's a catch. And I guess there will always be one. That I am not that person. I wasn't the one that this person wished to be with. I didn't mind it at all.

I seriously feel bad.

I couldn't post anywhere but here I think. Come on. Give her some slack. She's just saying her opinion. Honestly. She's not doing anything to anyone. She's sharing what she knows. So just zip it, if anyone's going to say anything bad/not nice to her. She's a nice person, really. And she doesn't deserve all those negative things I am hearing and reading.


Still not sure what to blog about. But I really want to blog regularly, and not like before, that I only get to blog once in 3 months or so. I'll probably share what has been happening to me or something; this might get boring by the minute, so beware. And don't blame me if in the end you might think this is a waste of time. I gave you a warning. Good thing there was a holiday. I found time to watch movies. I watched one movie last Thursday, and one last Friday. Watched Babe I Love You with a friend in Trinoma, and watched Date Night with my best friend and her cousin in SM North. It was cool actually; haven’t had much time in resting, and enjoying others' company. Although I frequently see my best friend, it has been quite some time since we actually watched a movie together. While I was writing my blog, my mood got a little bit off, IDK why. I really have a lot of things in mind plus the fact that I am not feeling well. This is probably the effect of the heat. I am in to