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Why can't I even say things.

I used to be talkative to everyone. I used to speak my mind to anyone, everyone. I never hesitate, I never chicken out. But at this moment, I am about to breakdown, I have been praying, and discerning all day. I spent the whole day telling myself and God every pain, sadness, and struggle I have been having, but all I can hear is the silence of God just wanting to hear me out. He didn't give me answers. But, he gave me the chance to hear myself out. This has been the saddest, since i don't know when. My heart and mind has been heavy. And if I was to be given a chance, all I want to do right now is to go somewhere quiet and alone. I don't really share much, but maybe this blog can help me pour my thoughts out of my head, and see things outside the picture. A lot of people don't know, but Val and I have been struggling for sometime. Ever since she came back home in the US, we spent very minimal time talking about things. We usually just say hi and hello's, a bit of how

Foodie in me.

I have been meaning to blog about my recent whereabouts, since, I have decided to push through with my long lost dream/plan/wish to be a foodie, and try different things. So here I am, I couldn't be too sleepy and too tired, I decided to post or blog about the recent food trips I had. I will just write about what I did this past long weekend, I guess. 01.28.11 Well, I did not write anything about my experience in LeBistroVert, and describe what I ate on my account in facebook so here it goes. LeBistroVert has been one of my dream restaurants. I see it from afar, and ambiance looks nice and food is good. Well, it did not disappoint me. I have been meaning to visit this small restaurant in Valero, near Trafalgar building in Makati. The ambiance is really nice, they used blue green and apple green chairs, and had a huge painting, which really resembles the theme of this place. If you want to see a few pictures, you can visit my facebook account, well, comment then I can show them to y

How was your 2011 so far?

I just thought of putting my words into a post since I want a venue for them. I'm not surprised that no one may get to read this, but its all good. At least it still retains a private blog since people don't know this one much. Life has been good for me. 2011 is the year of the rabbit, so I guess it'll be my year, as forecasts say. 1987 falls the year of the rabbit. Life has always its ups and down, and for me, its not so good to just take things as it is, but of course, everything has its limits. why do I say this? just cause, a lot of the people I know, well, not really a lot, but a few close friends of mine got hurt this early, this time of the year. I have cluttered thoughts, but its probably because I am not used to writing/blogging. Oh well, better luck next time.

Let's start the year right. Every year, I usually make a post of what happened in my year, and who were the people I want to thank and say sorry. This year, I should probably add a few more to my habitual post. We'll see then. "It's not something I'm ashamed of, but it's not something that can be shared easily." This line started my year, and this line made me decide to learn something this year: Appreciate myself and have a journey of life alone. 2010 was a good year for me, I must say. A lot would definitely agree with me, but mostly for the wrong reasons. More than having what I have today, it is more of I have known a few things about existence. As I recall what the past year has given me, tears wells up on my eyes (as I type this), because for some reason, this year has been the most intimate year I have had. Intimate meaning, the only peole I had in my life were the people who proved to be the people who can stick up with