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I can't get over.

I won't sleep until I blog this. I am not in any way drunk or whatever. I just can't not blog. I have tried my very best to be ok. And until now, I realized I haven't gotten over it, one single bit. "It's not something I am ashamed of, but it's not something that can be shared easily." -a friend TO MY FRIEND: I will always love you. You know that. I am sad and I am pissed to know I haven't done anything for you for the past years that it happened. But you're such a strong person. I wish I could have that same strength that you have. I do love you, to death and forever. You will really never know a person well enough. That's one thing I have learned. It can even be our family members, or friends. But you'll really never know them. I have learned a lot of things the hard way, and right now. I really feel I am breaking down, like what I felt last year, around April or May. I didn't know why I am blogging right now. But all I know is that I

Looking back 2009. I read my blog (the link above) when I got back this morning from a hella crazy night. Reading my past blog, I know I had to blog once again. It's been a while since I blogged anything. Haha. This year, was g enerally so so. Had my highs and lows as well. And I want to share it in detail. Seriously, in detail. I ended 2008 breaking u p with Kat. For thos of you who don't know, I had an almost 1 year official relationship with a girl AGAIN. And of course, after the break-up, we were still in contact so technically, we werent completely over each other. I started 2009 with high hopes o f us getting back together, and us fixing things. But instead, we separated ways after a few months. We celebrated our anniversary yes, but after that, I guess it was not meant to be. As of now, we still talk sometimes, but nonetheless, a lot has changed, for her and for me. She's moving to a different department, a department I highly recom