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Early rant.

Seriously. It's not my fault things are like this. I chose that person over you because I know that it was the right and best decision. I do not regret anything, even after I learned about it. Please don't tell me we'll still be ok, then you go saying such. Ugh. Really. For the record, I have never felt more secured in my entire life being with that person. With you it has always been a gray area. So don't go give me the A.


I was supposed to be sleeping already, since I'm not feeling well. I'm glad you actually slept. But you slept too late. Tsk. And you even got to back read a few of my posts. I am actually doing this, just to celebrate one thing. When you read this, it won't be may 6 yet, or probably past May 6. But still I want to do this. We may be having rough times. But I hope somehow you appreciate this simple thing I'm doing. Probably think of this as well as my reply to that long, sweet post you made in tumblr. Can I put your name here? Pwahaha :P since this is mine people shouldn't really care much. Or if they do and don't like the idea, just keep it to themselves. hahaha. Ok. Where should I start? Probably a few months ago, we were completely strangers. All I know was that I had my account because of a friend, and my friend apparently follows you for reasons we both know so I followed. I liked almost all your posts before or even reblogged them. Then you followed me, and