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Rant post turned random.

I realized that I should have done this at home. But since I have time, and I tend to be lazy when I am at home, I decided to just do this on my desk when no one can really snoop or read what I am typing.  Saturday was one of the hardest days. Because the inevitable parting ways happened. I don't know why. But I always feel it was my fault. I have this tendency of blaming everything to myself. I even have this tendency of just taking everything in. I know, I know. It's starting to be a bad habit already. I should probably learn how to forgive. But to be honest, that's one thing I have such a hard time doing. Because so many people have wronged me, and so many people have failed and hurt me time and time again, that I don't really know how to forgive and trust again. I hate the person that I have become. But at some point, I feel that this is my defense mechanism from everything in my life.  My mom and grandparents were supposed to go to the province tomorrow, bu

The year that was. (2013 edition)

This was supposed to be done like more than a week ago, but since I can’t get my lazy fat ass to do anything when I am home, I might as well do it while I am here sitting at work, nothing much to do.  I cannot say that 2013 was a bad year for me, but I can’t say otherwise either. 2013 had its strong ups and downs, and I am still thankful for everything despite all the hardships I had to go through.  There would probably four highlights of my year. I finally saw Shinhwa. Thanks to a few people, I finally saw them in the flesh. It was one trip I will never forget, since I saw Shinhwa, and it was the first time I went to a solo trip. Met a few people, but nonetheless, it was a solo trip, ticked off my bucket list already. Each one of them has their own personal charm and that as a group they are indeed legends in their own right. Seeing them on their 15 th year was pretty special and awesome too! I finally saw CN Blue, upclose and also in a concert. I saw Yonghwa’s everlas