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Miss You Like Crazy.

I just got home around 12:30AM. I usually watch John Lloyd movies on the first day of showing, but for some reasons, I didn't this time. Luckily, I had a very nice friend who agreed to accompany me to watch it for last full show. Both characters portrayed their roles as best as they could. Mia, and Allan, met by chance in an unexpected way, place and time. That's when things started to go in circles. Twists and turns, they had to find their way to make it a happily ever after. It may not be as epic as their last movie, One More Chance, but somehow, it did leave a mark to me. It had flaws yes, but the movie is still worth watching, and worth the price at Cinema 7. :) The movie tried to show a different John Lloyd and Bea, more mature roles, and more diversity in acting. I salute not only the main characters, but everyone who's part of the movie. They've done a job good enough to pull the movie through. There are lines really worth remembering, and scenes which I think wo