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So what's up everyone?  Merry Christmas to everyone. Just had the craziest month in a while. From last few weeks at work, to a vacation, to last few days at work, to a new job, to wrapping gifts and spending time with family.  It's surprising that the month just passed without me realizing it and now I think I should post and prepare my year end post already. 2013 was just a lot to handle for me.  How has everything been? Finally! Pushed my Singapore trip through already. It was 6 days of pure bliss and craziness,  realizations and good times. A few annoying moments but nonetheless everything was all good. Saw my crush with her girlfriend, and told him I was reallt happy for him. :) shopped Christmas gifts for everyone, well, family, and got a gift from friends too. Chocolates galoreeeee. Got to taste my fave chocolate again. Too happy ♡ Singapore is indeed a happy place, but my ex doesn't really like that place as it reminds her of so many bad memories, I guess.