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Confession For You.

Sorry. Me, being an official fangirl started Friday night. :) I spazz everyday, I do daily rounds of blogs and videos to make sure I'm updated. I buy their CDs and DVDs like there is no tomorrow. I listen to ONLY their songs on my iPod. To make things.. I don't know, worse? or better. I even started writing again. Fanfics for that matter. I started with this poem I made. :D It started with a very short poem. Not this. But one short poem I made a month ago. Because I was inspired by my friend Gwyn, a Member of Triple S Philippines. This was created because of my addiction. Thanks to my friends, and to gwyn of course :) ____________ I made this last night. Along with several friends. Namely Bela and Cresa. Hype of watching Love Like This MV. It started with a few lines witgh SS501 songs, and ended in this manner. I hope everyone gets to enjoy this. Despite the fact that it was intended for my love and addiction for my oppa. :) _____________ On the wee hours of October 23,

It's a fact, once you get on board, say goodbye, coz you can't go back.

Life Goes On Leann Rimes Life goes on, life goes on Life goes on, life goes on You sucked me in And played my mind Just like a toy You were crank and wind Baby I would give till you wore it out You left me lyin' in a pool of doubt And you're still thinkin' you're the Daddy Mac You should've known better but you didn't And I can't go back Oh life goes on And it's only gonna make me strong It's a fact, once you get on board Say good-bye cause you can't go back Oh it's a fight, and I really wanna get it right Where I'm at, is my life before me And this feelin' that I can go back Life goes on (repeat 2X) Wish I knew then What I know now You held all the cards And sold me out Baby shame on you, if you fool me once Shame on me if you fool me twice You've been a pretty hard case to crack Should've known better but I didn't And I can't go back Oh life goes on And it's only gonna make me strong It's a fact, once you get

SS501 is rocking my world.

Yes, you read that right. I have been into them since I knew about Leader, and now, I'm too hooked to let go. SS501 keeps me sane everyday. I have placed a playlist of them and listen to them every single day. I don't have an update about American music, but I always have an update on SS501 and KPop. I don't read a lot lately, but I do go on rounds like every 2-3 hours daily to check on updates of SS501. That's how addicted I am. I tweet and plurk whenever I feel that rush opr I learned anything about them. And I smile whenever I read news, watch vids, and talk to others about them, especially my Leader, love. I was supposed to go to HK to watch their concert, but opted to go next year with some new friends I met in the Triple S form. *Triple S is the fanbase of SS501* I hope it pushes through. That, my friend is how I am into them, and how addicted, and how crazy I am about them. But seriously, I don't know why I'm posting once again. I have been such a private